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speak to each to reach all.

The main “flaw” of video as a medium is that it is impersonal, as it works according to a broadcasting logic: one person speaks and broadcasts and many passively watch.

This “one-to-many” mode has the limitation that it does not stimulate involvement, since those who enjoy the content do not actively participate in it, but at most can be “touched” on an emotional level depending on how the narrative is constructed or the topic it deals with.

Therefore, the simple logic of showing one’s collection in a video is not enough; users want more, they are looking for something different, and the use of personalized videos can be an innovative and effective solution to enhance one’s business and give people a memorable experience

How we do

create your identity increase your perceived value

Videos can be used as a conversion tool, giving the customer the opportunity to perceive the company’s values through the style, music, dynamism of the video, faces and story. This is literally unique. The only tool that through a screen, without physically entering a store prompts you to say, Okay, I want it!

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